hiding that ‘extra burden’, got it flaunt it and other sage advice

Alternatively, you could stop sucking in for those tight-as-a-miser’s-fist outfits. Desist spending party hours feeling sore and self-conscious in something ridiculous. You could vow not to buy designer wear not meant for you. Yes, it’s now possible to find clothes that look good on you. All you need are a few basic, easy, styling suggestions. Here’s what designer Tina Vincent has to say. “Don’t fall for those Vogue-cover-type dresses,” she says. “It’s better to go for longer ones than shorter. Give the dress a hem; fold it so you can change it if you want.” She recommends a plunging neckline. “Got it? Flaunt it!”

The Hindu should really stop writing about fashion. Or what they think is writing about fashion.

Link from ammani


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