green tea and a shelf of poetry

photo-19She buys poetry books. Hers is a modest collection. Classic Love Poems. Palgrave’s Golden Treasury. faber and faber Poetry Essentials. There are recommendations. Impulse buys. Childhood favourites (which, if she is honest, are the only ones she actually reads). Some she has bought because of the look on the face of the Charing Cross shop owner. (Disbelief). She is envious of others. They read things that are not there. Things that exist only in the spaces between the words. She cannot see these things. She looks at her small collection every day and the cup of green tea Dr. Oz tells her to drink. Antioxidants. She thinks, tomorrow. I will begin tomorrow. The tea bag swells in the water and bleeds its pale green. The tea grows cold. And the books remain unread.


5 thoughts on “green tea and a shelf of poetry

  1. So many of us do that… pile up books we havent read, clothes we still waiting to wear, food that never finds occasion and goes past its expiry date…

    such is life i guess.. waiting for the ‘ perfect’ moment

  2. Hey there,
    Chanced to stumble across your blog while I was trawling the net for interesting reads…And I found your interesting blog.
    Sometime back, I got this shiny silver trophy which I would like to award to you for your interesting blog.
    I know this must seem strange comming from a rank stranger but I do hope you will visit us to pick your Award…

    The Mad Moggies

  3. am a fan of S.Bhatt too.

    not of green tea.

    but yes, a cup of harsh over boiled tea or soothing brewed tea, and I would be happy to dive into that tidy little pile you have out there.

    and equally nice to dive into this new blog you have out here. loads of posts that I have missed.

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