hello… is there anybody out there?

On the off chance that people are still reading this blog, I would like to say that yes I am still alive, no I have not been abducted by aliens or eaten by the neighbour’s cat. I have been putting on weight, holidaying in Wales (where I gave the cows a run for their … grass?) and planning to relocate to Bombay! Yep, we’re heading back home!


14 thoughts on “hello… is there anybody out there?

  1. Wow…funny you should post this. Relocating. Similar destination and similar thought. Its one of my fav song lines!!

  2. Have become comfortably numb, parked on your blog for so long waiting for posts

    Good luck with the move to Bombay ! There’ll be Manoos there for sure, but what about Manolos ?

  3. i shall head the welcome committee! will garlands with thick girths be enough?

    I am thrileed with this news! you have my email id. let me know if you need ANY help. And finally we shall meet.

  4. welcome to the club. but i’d still say please, please give it a long hard thought. experienced severe withdrawal symptoms for a long long time since we came back mid-december. and it was just me. husband and son settled in sooner, making me want to just disappear.

    the rains have come as a relief though…more emotional than a mere-change-in-the-weather. after eight long years in the uk, i guess i deserve it now 🙂
    do keep in touch.

  5. Welcome to the relocating-from-the-UK club 🙂

    After 2 years of being back, we both still miss England very much. Not the work, but just the little, little things that make life there a little nicer.

    Good luck with the move and I hope to hear more of your adventures soon. Keep blogging!

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