about me

amateur mother, day time television expert, neatnik with a messy cupboard, shoe fiend, raymond carver fan (can’t you tell from the title?), londonvaasi from madras, walker, runner (only after buses) collector of bric brac, skype singer and oh yes, novice short story writer. I also write a parenting column for The New Indian Express called The Mothership. now, where’s my pen?

The header image is from Payal Dhar and Vartika Sharma’s ‘A Helping Hand’ which you can read here: https://storyweaver.org.in/stories/5144-a-helping-hand


4 thoughts on “about me

  1. Heyyy
    U were a savior today. I had come across your Shoe Fiend blog a few months back and then lost the link. Came across your ‘ new avtaar’ blog( and let me say its very neat)..
    Coming back to saviour part… My flight was delayed by 2 hours today and this time I’d forgot to pick up a book to give me company. I read your posts after post early morning at 6 am. Laughed at some, thought at others, smiled at a lot of stories.Every post kept me wanting more and kept me engaged.

    I adore the way you write. You are on my blogroll now and I look fwd to read lots more stories. Needless to say, you are a gifted writer. The way you craft your characters with just enough information to make readers visualise them but making readers use their own imagination to get under the skin of your characters.


    Oh yes, I also write a blog under the name of Shoe Girl.

  2. Hello! I also had happened to tumble upon your shoe-fiend blog long time back.. then I lost track. I had thoroughly enjoyed it then.
    And now again, I am so happy to have found you- with your new and updated come-back! You are funny, write well, and your ‘theme’ is something that most people relate to. I simply love the way you write! 🙂

    And guess what?! what are the odds.. My blog’s titles ALSO revolves around the word ‘shoe’!!

  3. hi
    i have read your shoefiend blog end to end and it is an inspiration. i love how it’s effortless, funny, astute and observant. it makes me want to write as well. i hope you write more frequently. good luck for 20 days from now.

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