in which i become a yoga instructor

I love pinterest. All those gorgeous houses with quaint, “I’m a cool world traveller and I use a stack of first edition books about the evolution of the bidet” as a nightstand. All those adorable but not cutesy kids rooms which no child actually inhabits. Those amazing ideas for birthday parties for your kids which look like they’re more effort than actually having a baby. And those gorgeous table settings for intimate dinner parties that you just casually through for ten friends on a weeknight.

But my favourite pinterest section is Health and fitness. I just love looking at those abs. Those buns of steel. Those toned arms that would scare the shit out of Madonna. My favourite favourites though are the yoga pins. Women standing on their head while they knit yoga pants from alpaca wool. aasanas for better sleep. aasanas for back pain. aasanas for IBS.

Well I’ve been thinking here are my aasanas for child induced stress. And here they are.


Photo on 22-01-14 at 5.03 PMPhoto on 22-01-14 at 5.04 PM #2Photo on 22-01-14 at 5.05 PMPhoto on 22-01-14 at 5.05 PM #2


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