I was looking at a friend’s blog roll on which this blog is listed when I realised it’s been eleven months since my last post. In fact, as I get ready to lace up my running shoes for my first full marathon on the 19th, the last blog I had posted was about the half marathon I had just run.

It’s funny, when you’re mother to a nine month old all you can think of is “When will I get time to do all these amazing wonderful things my child is holding me back from?” And then your nine month old starts going to playgroup and then is on the cusp of Nursery and you three year old has overnight morphed in to a soon to be first grader and that much desired time to do all those amazing things is finally there. And you draw a blank.

It’s January and as with all Januaries I have this amazing plan for myself this year. This will be the year I discover that great passion. This will be the year I stop whinging and just get down to it. This will be the year that everything magically falls in to place.

And then of course I realise nothing will every magically fall in to place. Everything takes hard work, dedication, tunnel vision. I emailed a group of friends the other day, that if I could apply the same dedication I have for running to other facets of my life… well nothing would hold me back. And yet something does hold me back. Is it because I don’t have anything else I am as drawn to as I am to running. Is it because I don’t really truly want those things, the way I want to run a marathon. Am I just a lazy cow. 

I want to revive this blog this year. I want to return to writing fiction and non fiction. But then I say that every year and then promptly forget about it. 


Can I ask you a favour? If I do forget… REMIND ME!



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