what next

So now that my half marathon is over, the very thing that I’ve spent months looking forward to and the last year training for is over. While I will start running before the blues set in… I feel I need to find some new challenges. What I liked about the half marathon and training for it was that even when other things in life seemed a bit up in the air or not going anywhere this was really keeping me focussed. Yes, I would like to train and participate in the full marathon in 2014 but I’d like some other things to work towards.

The problem with a lot of goals is, they are things like ‘Write every day’ or ‘take a photo every day’… I can’t do that somehow. I didn’t even run every day… as long as I ran three to four times a week I was happy. So perhaps I should try and work towards writing three times a week. I also like the idea of learning something new every day. One way I’ve been doing this is listening to a TED talk every day and picking topics that are far removed from my own areas of interest. So that’s something I’d like to stick to.

Also I want to do more work with Educo, the charity I raised funds for when I ran the half marathon. Now that’s something I know I can do.

So there. I have a list of sorts. Now all that remains is to do it.

Do you have a list of goals for 2013?


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