and then suddenly…

everything happens at the same time. i am (tentatively) taking on more freelance writing. training for a half marathon and trying to raise funds for it. resurrecting not one, but two blogs. planning vacations. looking at a bedside reading pile that obscures the light cast by my bedside lamp. realizing that there are lots of great things online to read, listen to and watch and that i just haven’t been… well looking.

it’s as though for the last 8-9 months my mind has been enveloped in a dense fog. i have been going through the motions. lunch boxes. school run. running for myself. feeding time. diaper time. reading… because i should be seen as reading but not really really reading. this freelance writing gig that i have taken on, though it will never win me a pulitzer (or even a pencil) got me using that side of the brain that had been buried under a mountain sized pile of poo diapers. and then hey presto. i used to blog. i used to write. i used to have opinions on things other than what constitutes a good return present and which play schools are the best. hooray. goodbye boring woman who was masquerading as me for the last nine months. hello me! hello world!


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