Yesterday, my son’s class had their annual picnic. Both parents were invited to accompany the child, one parent’s attendance was compulsory. So my husband and I decided that I would attend the picnic while he stayed at home with the younger fiend.

It amazed me how many people (read, other mothers) came up and asked me where the baby was, and when I said that he was with his father, how all of them asked “Will he stay with his father?”

Well of course he’d probably rather be baby sat by a giant remote control or phone (his two current favourite things to chew on), but I’m pretty sure he’d make do with his dad, given the lack of access to giant remote controls and phones.

So when I say “Yes, he will stay with his father” I am bestowed with looks of wonder.

Why? Do other babies not like their dads? Do they crawl screaming to the door when left alone with them for more than five minutes? That’s weird.

Other weird things: 1. The term ‘hands on father’. Please note there are no hands on mothers. Only fathers.

2. Goat pellet poo. In a diaper. (of a baby. not a goat. a goat wearing a diaper would be weird too)

3, blogging at 5 am. That though is not so weird when your younger fiend wakes you up at 3am to play and then realises at 430 they’re sleepy. But by then you’ve had three cups of coffee so that you can stay awake to play with them. so now you can’t go back to sleep.

Please blame all lack of punctuation, grammar and coherency on the time and caffeine induced nervy fingers.


5 thoughts on “yesterday

  1. Yes, i think there were many who wanted to bestow sainthood to the father of my child because he could ‘manage’ the child alone.
    And same with the kid’s grandfather who babysat her alone many many times. The grandmother was looked at not with wonder but horror, you were not there and your husband manages the grandchild alone?

    My father took the child when she was four to baroda to visit my aunt. They went on the train. My father was convinced that the whole compartment was trying to make sure that he had not kidnapped the child- how can a man travel ALONE with a child???


  2. Have made the hubby sign that he is gonna be cleaning poop and looking after the baby when it happens. hands on, foot on, i don’t care. he has to do it. πŸ™‚

  3. My sis is away for a year to pursue her studies and my BIL is totally incharge of my 5 year old niece! And they lives many miles apart… I surprised people still look at you in wonder when you say the father is in-charge. How else are moms supposed to get some time off?! πŸ˜›

  4. I guess I must admit, my gal would rather be left behind with her father and Tablet than me and dictatorship πŸ™‚ Lost connect with your blog a while ago and was happy to rediscover it. It was almost like finding the pair of shoes that fit you best, after a hiatus!

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