no crying over spilt milk

so you can put one child down for a nap and entice the other one to watch some tv (not that that was very hard) and sit down to write. but then you think to yourself well it would be nice to have some coffee so you cut open a packet of milk and then you’re not sure exactly how but there is milk all over the floor on the walls and on your clothes

goodbye notebook

hello kitchen rag


4 thoughts on “no crying over spilt milk

  1. Wow; don’t you love it when that happens. Did you even make that coffee for yourself after that?

    I recently had to cook for a potluck and offered to bring in Shahi Paneer. As I had everything prepared and put the ingredients for the gravy into the food-processor. Started the processor and the next I know the gravy was all over the place and it happened twice.

    I wish I was in India and had domestic help to sort everything for me….


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