Last year, my word was trust. And I think I did pretty well with that as a theme. Even when the world around me was going in to what can only be described as hysteria over school admissions, we stuck to our guns. I trusted my choice.

This year my word is discipline. I realise that the reason I am not a writer yet (and I don’t even mean this in a ‘published’ writer sense, but more in a writer who just, well, writes sense) is not because of my kids. Or because I’m exhausted. Or because of my kids. Or because I have writer’s block. Or because of my kids. (As you can see my children have been bearing the heavy burden of their mother’s failed dreams for quite some time now). I am not a writer who writes every day because I have no discipline. And that is the truth as pointed out to me by my always better half in the aftermath of a new year, where is my life going meltdown (mine, not his).

So this year discipline.

In writing.

In running. (Half marathon 2013)

In staying in touch with my friends and family.

In doing the things I love.



4 thoughts on “discipline

  1. Discipline is an excellent word. We could all use some more of it right now.

    And you are one of my favourite writers – whether you write or not, whether you blog or not. Meltdowns are good for writing – make the most of it!

  2. I have wanted to write to you about that for a while now as I seem to be telling others what I should have been sharing with you. It will be brutal however, I promise.
    Tough love,

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