no two days are the same

When there are two of them (kids I mean) every day is a wondrous new journey. No two days are the same. Sample this. On friday morning, I was woken up at 4am by the boot who was making gagging noises above my head. I won’t lie to you. There was some projectile vomiting. My hair is forever grateful that I got out of there before any of the barf landed on it.

Today morning I was greeted by the sight of thousands of tiny white beans from inside my son’s bean bag. All over the living room floor. He had discovered the zip at the bottom. And after emptying the bean bag, he tried very hard to zip himself inside.

Routines are nothing but meaningless lists you make up, only for them to be obscured by puke and bean bag beans.

Happy New Year folks.

I’m back.

I think…


4 thoughts on “no two days are the same

  1. Yay! For being back, not for barf or beans on floor. The story was hilarious when we talked but even more so with added bit about bean bag! And of course you are writing -yay yay and yay!

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