Every time I sit down to blog I just feel annoyed. I can no longer say I blog. I sign in. Fiddle around with templates and then log out again. I want to blame the heat, the kids, the arthritic fingers (my fingers are fine), the kids, ok just one kid, the elder one in case you were wondering, but really I don’t care any more. so it’s good bye for now. see you when i see you.


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  1. I do not even remember how I stumbled on this blog. There were some wonderful pieces of writing here. So sad it has to end. But I think it is a right decision.
    I think to overcome your writer’s block, you should write for yourself and not for publishing. I seperated publishing from writing and I publish so less but am so happy with what ever I write. I came across 750words.com which helped me overcome this issue, along with some nifty number crunching. (disclaimer: I down own that site and not in their sales team 🙂 )

  2. ha…that is not anything else except motherhood catching up with you….i had created a blog hoping to become a writer in 2 months…all i have become is a nurse!! to my own child…

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