one year later…

Well, almost. We’re close to the one year anniversary of our return to India. And while I miss parts of my old life sorely, there are many things about this new old life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

One of the best moments of the last twelve odd months? My son coming home before August 15th with a hand painted tri-colour and informing me “This is was our national flag. And this is our National Anthem”. And then bursting in to a gloriously off key rendition of Jana Gana Mana. Yep, moving back home was worth it just for that.


4 thoughts on “one year later…

    1. Awww! Good to know life back home is treating you well. It’s a tempting choice right now..
      (And how is it possible to sign Jana Gana Mana off-key? 🙂

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