So my son and I are making a collage and I hand him a strip of paper and telling him to smear it with glue. He looks at the side offered and checks out the woman’s smiling face.

Son: Who is she Amma?

Me: Priyanka Chopra

Son: I don’t want to put glue on her face. (Turns the paper over and begins to glue the side with the Range Rover on it)

Me: Boot, we’re making a car collage. What are you doing.

Son: I want to see her face.

Me: Whatever.

After a few seconds.

Son (casually): Where does she live Amma.



7 thoughts on “what?

  1. craft opens up a new world of possibilities! who would have known that the world has priyanka chopra centrally in it šŸ™‚

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