hello from the edge of motherhood

so here I am mother of two. I wake up and I am nursing. I go to sleep and I am nursing. I go to the fridge for a snack and hey whaddaya know I am nursing. I really have to say this out loud. I DO NOT LIKE BREAST FEEDING. there. I said it. Now to wait for that feeling of lightness that should rightfully descend upon someone who has been harbouring such a deep secret for so long. wait what’s that weighing me down? Oh i forgot. I’m nursing.

in other news

I just realised that all I have been reading these last few weeks are the backs of nappy rash cartons.

my son’s favourite thing to say is “I do not like you” and “You are not my best friend” I am the only person he says them to.

I found a t-rex under my ass this morning when I woke up

and i have decided to start some 30 day challenges to take my mind off all the nursing. inspired by this talk.


My 30 day challenge (s) : a) walk for forty minutes every day b) take a photo every day c) try not to get angry and yell and totally lose it every day

I have already failed at no 3 today.


6 thoughts on “hello from the edge of motherhood

  1. Phew, finally found you! Been looking around all over the place.

    Nursing – I know, its totally irritating!

    30 day challenge, hmmmm! Am on it myself, and choose a much easier one – NO FACEBOOKING!

    All the best on yours….

  2. hey, its HIGH time to bring back the old shoe fiend…I’ve been your fan since those days when you had a blog with Manolos on it….

    Please bring her back…. …you need an alternate life at least in the blogworld

    Yes lfie sucks, especially with crying, diaper change needed kids in it…I go through it too…but hey don’t lock down that stiletto beauty in nursing bras…please come back 

  3. Hey came here from 30 in 2000. Do you know, a month ago, I was the a mother of two under-twos. am bf-ing the younger one who turned 9 months today. Older one turned two in June but not a lot has changed. I find bf-ing incredibly convenient especially when its time to put Baby II to sleep etc but sometimes, most times, I just want to to claim my body back, wear normal bras and wear clothes without worrying about access to boobs .

    Totally get you. Breastfeeding is not as blissfully hmm.. blissful as they make it out to be.

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