i’m alive and what do you wear to a Church wedding?

See, I wasn’t a figment of your imagination. I DO EXIST. And here I am. After certain people threatened to prune the bottom list of their blog rolls, where I feature prominently. Happy? This is what I have been doing.

1. Moving house. Again. Oh well.

2. Getting bigger, sweatier and crankier. I am about 20 days away from baby no 2. It’s hot. And nothing, and I mean nothing fits anymore. If I could wander around in a wife beater and underpants like my son does, believe me I would.

3. Reading. Life before man by margaret atwood. And the emperor of maladies by siddhartha mukherjee.

4. waiting for school to reopen. i really am a mother now aren’t i?

5. wondering what to wear to a friend’s wedding. It’s the first Church wedding I will be attending and please refer to point 2. this means I only have sarees to wear. so what i wanted to know is, is it inappropriate to wear a beige/cream/whitish saree to a wedding in a Church where the bride will most likely be wearing a similar hued gown herself? please help. if you say no, it means i will have to wear my multi-hued anokhi kaftan. or even worse a wife beater and underpants.


5 thoughts on “i’m alive and what do you wear to a Church wedding?

  1. beige/cream is cool.
    wearing a kaftan is cool, and if anyone thinks it is not, slay them with a killing look.

    focus on 20 days away. and please do add me on your list of people to message (if possible)

    wishing you all the energy and good vibes that i can muster. was lovely meeting you, even though it was brief.

  2. I have been wondering where you are. But have been too hot, bothered, fat and tired to even send an email. A cream saree would be totally fine. Lots of women wore the kerala kasavu saree to my wedding and I know my mom wears it to lots of weddings. It is not taboo. But that is in Kerala, dont really know the Bombay rules.

  3. Like Surabhi said, beige/white is cool. Everybody’s going to be looking at you anyway (and not the bride) so wear what you’re going to be comfortable in. The underpants might result in the place getting shut down by the police (think of the crowds outside the venue), so best not to have that as an option

    Stay cool. I’m sure it’ll be easy-peasy this time around 🙂 (laughs evilly.) Looking forward to hearing news soon. Will stalk your FB page for updates.

  4. Good to hear from you after a very long time!
    All the best for the next twenty days. Your saree sounds fine- almost about to deliver ladies have special exemptions, I’m sure.

  5. 🙂 oh, the count down has begun. Admire your enthu to attend the saod wedding. Take care. Wear whatever you want. People will talk to your stomach anyway. lol! Not trying to make you feel miserable but not to care a damn.

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