One of the things I love about Bombay… or maybe I should say Bombayites or Mumbaikers or I don’t know… is that almost every window ledge you see will have some type of plant on it. Bougainvillea, aloe, tulsi… planted in everything from humble terracotta planters to old plastic drums repurposed into plant holders. They hang from balcony ceilings, sit precariously on the edge of sills and grow in to and out of cracks in chawls. In a city so bereft of greenery (well, atleast here in my corner of it) it’s something that makes me ridiculously happy. It’s one of my favourite things to do… sit in the car and watch the plants go by.


2 thoughts on “green

  1. I’m trying to do that here as well. Right now our veranda is blooming with shocking pink flowers of all kinds and every new bougainvillea leaf makes me ridiculously happy too. I do miss the green expanses of England terribly, though. A potted plant doesn’t soothe the eyes in the same way 😦 Still! Any green will do!

  2. They are lovely. Menaka. I love watching what people have planted in their windows. So much better than using the grill boxes to store junk.

    I was forced to take my plants out for almost a year, because of some society rule, and it made me very, very sad. I’ve put them back, a little defiantly. Let’s see what happens.

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