just because I don’t have anything left to say, doesn’t mean I can’t ask questions.

What’s a good place to buy rugs/dhurries in bombay? please don’t say FabIndia. Their carpet section in Kala Ghoda is dusty and disappointing.



3 thoughts on “ok

  1. colaba causeway has shops- but those would probably be overpriced.
    cottage emporium has shifted from colaba-just check where they have relocated.
    and there is the tried and tested CAC http://www.cac.co.in/contactus.htm

    Home Stores have an elaborate collection but i dont usually like their stuff -but you never know.

    I am deeply apologetic for not showing up in your side of town and taking you out for coffee

  2. Cottage Industries near regal cinema. Bombay Stores in Fort, World Trade Centre in cuffe parade has a Kashmir emporium, Shyam Ahuja in Worli, Zeba- theres one near woodhouse road in colaba and one in Parel. Crawford Market- near chira bazaar is also worth visiting they have a few wholesale dealers.
    Happy shopping.

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