So, nine months after leaving London (has it really been that long?) I finally got down to the task of unsubscribing myself from the dozen or so mailing lists I was on. Is it pathetic that it’s taken me this long? Every day I would look at the mailers from various theatres offering me discounted tickets, The Body Shop telling me to care for my winter skin with body butters and Boden (damn you Johnnie Boden for not shipping to India) trying to lure my credit card out with calypso skirts and other seasonal must haves, and think to myself “I should really unsubscribe”. And then promptly not. well no more people. I’ve signed up to some great, new, scity appropriate mailing lists (like brownpaperbag’s) and have severed all ties to my former online shopping life in the UK. Well almost all. I just couldn’t take myself off the Boden list 🙂


4 thoughts on “unsubscribe

  1. don’t take yourself off Boden. They have written to complain that their profits have fallen since you left! Buy and ship to me and I will send for you/ carry stuff over…..

  2. i need to do that too. too many mailer from too many places. Online shooping sites are trouble. Even if i don’t buy, i waste time looking and admiring. 🙂

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