are we there yet?

How many of you are where you thought you’d be about now? I mean ten years ago when you were asked “Where do you see yourself ten years from now?” … how much of your life now tallies with what you said then?
I have to say, that I never had a big grand plan. I also sort of fell in to things… what I studied, my ‘career’ in advertising, writing… they are all things that seemed like a good thing at the time and that I then just jumped in to.
So sometimes there’s this feeling of restlessness… of where am I going… what’s next… superficially the answer to that is to the hospital in three months time and then two more years of diaper duty and sleep deprivation. If you have no plans about where you’re heading, how do you answer “are we there yet?”


6 thoughts on “are we there yet?

  1. dont want to sound like the annoying advice doling aunty down the corridor – apologies in advance….

    ten years back i knew that i would not cut out anything that i was doing, but that i might just add some more to my already full plate. i did, five years back -got a new rhythm, slight shift in focus when the kid came into our lives. But held onto the things that made sense ten years back.

    where am i headed? looking to allow new rhythms to alter life again if need be.

    your months up ahead will be intense, but slowly try and get back all the things that made sense ten years back. even if its in bits and pieces.

  2. Menaka, Life seems to come together in bits and pieces, for all of us. I loved what Surabhi said. Adding new rhythms.

    I am not sure though right now, I know where I will be in 10 years. Tangible day-to-day parenting duties soon coming to an end. And feeling a bit lost, a bit confused.


  3. Ah, now we are talking.

    I cannot recall ever thinking where I wanted to be in ten years’ time when I was younger. Looking into the next week seemed far away enough. I am not blessed with long term vision it appears. And in the unfortunate event of an appraisal where I might have been asked something similar, it is very likely that I’d have said something grand (under duress, I hasten to add) and extremely unlikely. Anyway, such mispronouncements have been mercifully forgotten since.

    I have no idea where I will be in ten years’ time. And ten years there on. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realised there’s plenty joys to be had on the journey. The only certainty is where it will end. And if you’ve had some fun along the way, you’re lucky.

    Romba manasai varuthikkadey-dee kozhandai! xxxx

  4. Hmm…
    Well, I wanted to be a writer. I am/was. I wanted to learn photography. I did/am doing. I liked history, I tried becoming an archaeologist.

    Sort of didn’t plan. Sort of jumped in, letting the details sweat themselves out into order.
    Sort of didn’t care what happened. Like, sort of, how I travel. Not caring where I went as long as I was going.

  5. Love the question and absolutely Ravages response… I am currently in that phase where I don’t know where I will be the next day.. but always thought I knew where I wanted to be but slowly realising may be its okay not to know…

    p.s. reading blogs after ages… lovely to be here…

  6. I wish I could be as articulate at Surabhi. I don’t know if I am there yet either. But I don’t want to be “there”. Because what do you do after you get “there”. Maybe it’s a personality type, but I’m enjoying the stroll and I suppose once I get there, I’ll realise I am there! Or maybe as Ammani (damn, not as articulate as her either) says, I am not blessed with long term vision either.

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