resolution update

1. 1 book read(The Lacuna, Barbara Kingsolver)
2. 1 plant dead. so not my fault. weird, over priced faux bonsai type thing (no, i did not kill a plastic plant) which dried and died in a matter of a week. other plants though, soldier one despite my best efforts to murder them. as a result house keeping has taken over their care and every time they see my fill the watering can the rush forward crying “no no, allow us didi”)

2 thoughts on “resolution update

  1. What is with you and plants? It’s probably over watering, you have to sort of ignore them for most of the time, but keep an eye on there leaves to see how they are feeling, hungary, thirsty, happy, sad etc. Then give them some attention and love for a while.

    But I’m no expert!!

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