this morning.

1. 1 burnt cabbage curry.
2. two poo incidents. one of which caused the cabbage burning. the other of which caused me to slam doors and use bad words involving mothers and sexual acts. all in hearing and seeing range of one small person.
3. one smeared banana on newly washed and ironed table cloth.
4. much coffee and grilled cheese sandwich. coffee spilt. thanks to sighting of second poo incident.
5. note to self. breathe.
6. second note to self: it’s ok to have a five year old who still needs to wear diapers. potty training is overrated.
7. was told by one small person “don’t shout. be happy amma”
8. i can’t even have a drink.

11 thoughts on “this morning.

  1. Repeat Number 5 as often as you can. It’s vital for your sanity. Number 7 is good advice too – impossible to do on most days, but perhaps it will get easier with practice (it will, won’t it?)!

    Rubbish grammar there, but it is only Tuesday, so can’t blame us mommies.

    Hugs. Stay calm!

  2. I hear ya sister! It was a breeze potty training Ashu. But Antu is a different story. Im at wits end. And with Ashus school run in the morning and Antus new play school routine, I dont even have time to use the bathroom let alone train her to use one!!!! Not to pour ennai in neruppu – but pre schools here want the kids to be day trained! *runs away*

  3. hey! visiting after a long time…trust me this too will pass. During potty training – I one day called my mom and cried to her asking to put the baby back into my tummy right now!

    I fought with husband since ofcourse there was no point in fighting with a 2.5yr toddler who looks at me with bewildered eyes…asking ‘you sad?’ after an incident!

    You’ll find it encouraging maybe to know that he is now fully trained at waking hours. Life feels SO much better now.

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