don’t you just hate it

when thin women are also nice? and happy? especially thin women who happen to be the mother of two boys. and should look like crap. it’s not right. if they were mean it would be ok… but oh no. they have to be nice. and just rub it in your face.

time for my meds.

ps and by thin i don’t mean skinny. but nice and healthy and toned. and athletic. bah.


4 thoughts on “don’t you just hate it

  1. Bah, indeed. Perhaps they live only on Cerelac leftovers. That would explain it. (I tried (to finish leftovers – not to subsist on it). Yuck.)

  2. i have some colleagues like that. They seem to lack in nothing. 🙂

    I am slim too and I am hoping you’ll like knowing me. But yeah, I don’t have a kid yet and the peer pressure is building up. 🙂

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