so here we are

At the end of another year. I wish I had the enthusiasm, photographs and actual items of interesting cool things I did to do a month by month recap of the year that was. But I suppose the last twelve months could be surmised in to two items. I relocated. I got knocked up.

Actually that’s not true. That’s pretty much what I did in the last six months of the year. The first six months were a lot more interesting. Sheep watching in Wales. Story decoding at my very first Opera experience. Open air Shakespeare at Regent’s Park. Fantastic lunches and dinners with some of the best friends a girl could ask for. My first (and last) 10k run. And some rather impressive weight loss.

There’s lots to look forward to and dread in the coming months. A new baby (something to both look forward to and dread). The Boot starts nursery at ‘big’ school. Finding things to love about Bombay. Making new friends and making time to spend with old ones.

I can forget my usual new year resolutions like lose weight, exercise more, stop eating so much cheese. Those will be back on the list for 2012. Instead in the coming year, I plan to focus on the mundane.

1. Buy more plants and don’t kill them. Seriously. My green thumb has the kiss of death. I have already sent one indoor palm to plant heaven. 2011 is the year to turn it all around. Any advice will be appreciated.

2. Wash my hair more often. I know that sounds both strange and gross. But it has to be said that I now manage to wash my not so lovely locks once a week and that itself feels like an achievement.

3. Take more photos. Of the boot. Of us. Of Bombay.

4. Be more organised.

5. Write more. Not fiction. Not for now anyway. But every day stuff. Silly stuff. Hopefully interesting stuff.

6. Read more. I can remember a grand total of two books that I read this year (Wolf Hall, The Children’s Book). I’m pretty sure I read more but my brain has atrophied so much that can’t really remember what the others were. That’s very bad Amma, as the Boot would say. And believe me I get that a lot these days from him. So in 2011 I would like to read at least two books every month. And to get me started I picked up The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver and Other Colours by Orhan Pamuk.

So that’s me all done with this year and looking forward to the next one. Hope you all had a great year and that 2011 will be even better. Take care.

3 thoughts on “so here we are

  1. Shoefie, happy new year to you, the lil guy, the baby bump and the husband guy. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope everything good comes your way in 2011. I’m struggling through Wolf Hall myself.

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