So, it’s been a little over a month since the boot and i got to bombay … and i guess we’re doing ok. He’s set to start a playgroup in november… and the four weeks till he’s off cannot pass by quickly enough. He is bored. I am running out of innovative ideas to keep him busy. I shouldn’t complain really. We live in a complex with a big playground and pool and he’s there every evening. But the morning and late afternoon hours stretch endlessly. It doesn’t help that i’m usually engaged in trying to form a sentence that makes some sense to tell a plumber/electrician/carpenter what to do. We’re also still furnishing the house so he’s dragged off to shops where he is told not to jump on that or lie on that or roll over that. and no that lamp is not a pole that you can pretend to be a fireman/stripper on.
the thing i miss the most about london is the abundance of kids activities that suit all budgets. swimming classes for newborns, playgroups, gymnasiums that allow your children to run around and pole vault for five quid an hour. free museums. and most of all i miss the company. company for me and for sachit. people to go and do all these things with.
i called up an activity centre i passed by today and asked what kind of things they offered. ‘General knowledge, interview preparation, skipping(!!), aerobics and karate.’ I get the karate thing… but aerobics? For four year olds? And do not get me started on the obsession with interviews and school admissions. I need a whole post for alpha parents and crazy schools.

so here’s what i need oh wise denizens of mumbai. if you’ve ever done anything remotely fun with your kids in the city and can recommend it let me know. It could be a great library, a nice park, an activity group, pottery… i don’t know – anything – leave a comment and let me know.


6 thoughts on “help!

  1. sorry for the crappy traffic in the city. and for my terribly busy schedule at the moment.
    we could have met often had it not been for the above two reasons.

    check out the nehru science museum -its not too far from you. then there are a slew of play areas in malls- totally avoidable.
    the thing with bombay is that there are few activities, places or groups meant for kids. the ones that exist are crass- and meant to “enhance” your toddlers skill sets. fully avoidable.

    the mahim nature park is not too far from you. think of going there.

    borivali national park is next to where i am. far from you. and if you do decide to visit- give me a shout and we can meet up.

    i have always enjoyed taking my kid around the city while i have stuff to do -i guess thats because its my city. so a train ride, a walk down colaba causeway, a trip to an irani restaurant are treats when we do it together.

  2. Not sure if these are of any use to you. There is a paint-your-own-pottery kind of place at the Palladium. Also, a Hobby store adjacent to Crosswords at Kemps Corner. Haven’t been to either of them so don’t know if they would be suitable.

  3. Swimming classes in Shivaji Park- I think its was called Mahatma Gandhi …Its right across the park. Five Gardens – picnic lunches and playing. Siddhivinayak has/had a library or you could try Crosswords there/anywhere. Nehru planetarium, Taraporewala aquarium, Prince of Wales museum, Rani Baug zoo, Chota Kashmir(?).Dance classes – Matunga, Damodar hall (Dadar). I think they had drawing classes there too and I also remember going to these ‘puting together jigsaw puzzles’ activities and kite making with news papers/craft stuff somewhere as a kid. My mom used to also take me to the Bail Ghoda Animal Hospital to help with the kittens/puppies. I left the city 8 years ago after 21 years of existence there so I m not sure if these places/activities exist anymore. I pretty much grew up playing on the streets/maidans in Dadar but I dont think ppl do that anymore, do they?

  4. There’s usually a page or two of events in Time Out’s print edition. Plus, there’s the Time Out Kids guide to Mumbai. You should get those.


  5. Hi. Joining this conversation really late, but welcome to Mumbai.
    Like Sur, I’d recommend the science museum, the other museums are good too but probably not interesting for a four year old. The Kala Ghoda festival draws near, they always have some fantastic workshops and sessions for kids.
    And out in Juhu, is the Prithvi theatre .. the only one I know of that has theatre fests for kids.
    Also, some of the Crossword outlets have regular Sunday readalongs , craft sessions and interactive author meets.
    Hope this helps.

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