it’s nice to…

pick up the phone and ring old friends in the city and feel wanted…

have new friends (Hi Surabhi!) call up and make you feel welcome…

have cable again

(OK ok so these posts are total cop outs and I will get down to writing about the cab driver who spoke to me all the way from Parel to Cuffe Parade about corrupt BMC officials, spare parts for Ambassadors, how Abhishek Bachchan should stop acting with his wife because she makes him look old (!!!) and the cost of vada pav (it took every thing I had to not let on that my Hindi was way below inadequate) the alpha mums in LV and Prada, my attempts at learning Hindi (I think I should have a sex change operation… apparently I keep using the masculine form of words) and the traffic that NEVER lets up… soon!)


3 thoughts on “it’s nice to…

  1. Banno, thats exactly what I said as well. Especially in the context of alpha moms trying to find the right school before the blessed baby is born. 🙂

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