This past weekend while the Boot hung out with his dad, I was chauffeured to Shrewsbury by one friend and then fed and entertained by another. It was wonderful. To say the least. We laughed, chatted and gawked at shoe shop windows during a private tour of the town that Shyam had arranged for us (during which we were assailed by some Japanese tourists, who seemed amazed that *gasp* we were from India!) After the tour was over we drank strawberry beer with Shyam’s husband Pete at a pub where a football match elicited much shouting and swearing from other patrons and general bewilderment from me. After dinner at a lovely tapas joint we headed home where a heated round of Taboo instilled a healthy fear of my former friend Ammani in my quivering heart. Former, because she proceeded to make me run 45 minutes the next morning along cold, snow laden roads. And made me feel like the most unfit human being alive. I seriously considered hailing a cab back to Shyam’s. Humiliation complete, I returned home to the soothing comfort of hot dosas, chutney and sambhar. I have to say, I only missed the boot a little bit. Thanks Shyam, Pete and Abhi for a fab weekend!

Clive of India. Son of Shrewsbury

6 thoughts on “Shrewsbury

  1. boo hoo i missed it and i’m going to take it to my grave! all the same very glad you had a fab time despite the snow and braving that jog with “that fit marathon running woman”.

  2. Now I know who took dosa, chutney, curry et all to old Blightey. Clive, who else?
    Clive who travelled by boat some 6 K plus miles to singara Chennai to get married in the local fort

  3. Wow, that was a quick post, M! 🙂 It was an absolute pleasure having you guys over, it was great fun. Shd do it again one of these decades DAYS, you know, WITH Swarna as well? 🙂

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