and the award for world’s worst nablopomo-er goes to…

I really suck at this. So, instead of National Blog Posting Month, I am setting up, National Blog Posting Month The Day After. That doesn’t make any sense. But you know what I mean.

So today’s post is technically yesterday’s post. Picture of a raccoon any one?

So on to today’s topic. Raccoons are wonderful, cuddly bin trawlers… ok ok. Sorry.

When I was expecting the boot, I made a small promise to myself that I wouldn’t turn in to one of ‘those’ mothers. The one’s who don’t shower all day. Don’t bother to change out of their pj’s or track pants. Don’t comb their hair and forget that deo can mask the smell of baby poo that mysteriously wafts about you wherever you go. I’d be clean, have combed hair and wear fresh clothes every day, the definition of clothes being something I had not gone to sleep in the previous night.

Of course then I had the boot. And found that initially it was great if I’d managed to shower by noon. Socks were very hard to match (and still are) and track pants were acceptable attire even when you aren’t exercising. Things are far easier now, and for the most part I manage to get dressed every morning by 9:30 and feel ready to face the world.

When I see other mothers out and about with their kids looking like they just got up and left the house, I no longer feel … well contempt is the wrong word, but I no longer shake my head in disbelief and think “How hard is it to have a shower”. On the other hand, I think it’s sad that these women are so low on their own list of priorities, that may be they don’t think it’s important for them to look nice. That it’s more important for their kids to be smartly dressed in clean clothes. And please, before any one pounces on me, this is not about women looking like Posh Spice or Heidi Klum post baby. This is not about losing baby weight, wearing make up and fancy clothes. This is about saying ‘clean clothes, bathing and hair combing are important to having a good day and might make me feel a bit better.’ At least I think they are.

Apparently schools in the UK are taking offence at parents doing the morning school run in their pjs. The principal at St. Matthew’s primary school in Belfast sent a notice out to parents calling the practice — which he estimates is the habit of about 50 parents a day — as “slovenly and rude.”

What do you think? Is it disrespectful to the school to drop your kids off in pyjamas? Is it none of the school’s business? Or should we all take an extra five minutes every morning and make a bit of an effort? Or do you think we should all get over ourselves and stop giving mothers one more thing to feel bad/guilty about?

Edited to add: I spent the first couple of months of the boot’s life in a series of shapeless, block printed nighties with a big zip down the front that helped facilitate feeding time at the zoo. So it’s not like I was in great shape then too. but I know I felt a lot better when I said ‘enough is enough, the shapeless sack is only for the cover of night’.


3 thoughts on “and the award for world’s worst nablopomo-er goes to…

  1. btw, I agree with the school. I think that whatever one does at his/her own home, when he/she comes out one has to look respectable, meaning, definitely not in night wear. and, btw, it is not necessarily only “mom” but also “dad”, who drops the kid off the school. I hear that there is quite a good number of dads do this routine. 🙂

  2. Oh oh, guilty as charged. I do wear clean clothes, and personal hygiene is taken care of. But my looking after my self ends there. Between child, my own work, and the house i have forgotten to match my clothes.

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