singing in the rain

While the weather is nowhere near as bad as it is in certain places across the pond, we have been having some mild snow, rain and general shitedness. Here in Bootville, every day of the week is dedicated to an activity that is chosen for its capacity to exhaust the Boot and send him in to a long post lunch slumber. We swim, we gymboree(?) and he goes to nursery twice a week so that I may collapse on the sofa and try desperately to remember what life was like pre-boot.

However today I woke up and realised we had no activity planned for the morning. SHOCK HORROR. But I was secretly happy at the thought of not having to pack snacks, drinks and diapers and lug his pram up the stairs and walk in the rain. But a bout of hysteria (him) brought on by the removal of a fistful of notes (from his fist) (I’d left my bag lying on the floor. Big mistake) made me rethink my plans to sit on the couch all day and watch Peppa Pig. I would have to take him somewhere lest there be more hysteria (me). So we donned boots, hats and gloves and brought out our umbrella and off we went.

This afternoon promises to include colouring, playdoh-ing and his favourite ‘ jump up and down on amma’s stomach’. Lest we run out of ideas,
this is what people stuck in snow storms are doing with their children. Show of hands from those who approve of the benadryl idea. Ok I guess I should put both hands down now.


16 thoughts on “singing in the rain

    1. Thanks for the link! Boots been to the aquarium twice and loves it! We’ve done quite a few of the things on the list… but there are plenty of things we haven’t tried yet. Have sent the link to a friend taking her boys out this friday!

  1. You know, I’ve asked a lot of parents, very innocently, why they can’t just give their kids Benadryl before boarding a flight. The baby will be asleep, parents will be rested and the entire plane will look at them admiringly and be jealous of their parenting skills.
    I always get looks of shock and “Clearly, she’s not a parent.” vibes from them in response.

    1. I will not be a parent who gives you that look. In fact, as a baby shower present I will get you a years supply of benadryl 😛

    1. 😀 If I see another episode of In the Night Garden or Waybuloo I will have to shoot myself. I do like Penelope though. How are the little ones doing?

  2. first, i am enjoying my season of ‘a post a day on this blog’.sorry about your rain and snow.

    in the tropical lands where i stay, my magic trick was giving the child a doll/ stuffed child to be bathed. kept her busy scrubbing. cleaned up one grubby toy. let me catch up on a cup of tea, a phone conversation, whiling away time on the computer, thinking great thoughts.

    now i give her simple themes to draw – a bunch of 12 people getting dressed for a party that lasts all night under the moon and then the sun rises.

    actually i exaggerate, this is the drawing she came up with after an hour of intense scribbling! no, we are not bohemian parents who party under the stars until sun rise. we sleep at 10pm.

    she probably figured her mum might make her clean more grubby things if she does not draw elaborate drawings!

    (sorry for the long comment- i dont blog any more so at times the urge to prattle on and on resurfaces.)

    1. First of all, I really wish you’d start blogging again! I’m going to try the bathing the toys thing. Boot has lots of plastic bits and bobs he can scrub up. The arts and crafts are lost on him… I end up doing more finger painting, while he hands me colours. Though I have to say I do enjoy it 😀

  3. I have to confess, I did the Benadryl thing twice – once before a doctor’s visit and once for an India-US flight. It failed miserably both times. I still shudder thinking of that flight – 20 hours of non-stop yelling (or that’s how I remember it). That was the first kid. The second one was such a sound sleeper, in such stark contrast to the first, that my mother and I thought he was deaf (my husband and father thought we were mad). The “kids” are 25 and 20 years old now, and present us with an entirely different set of joys, challenges and worries. Now, they think we are mad.

  4. A joint family with lots of thathas, pattis, athais and mamas — that is the answer which Boot is looking for. There is a flat in Luz Avenue, Chennai where you can find a part of the answer– in fact two parts

  5. Menaka, your wordpress won’t let me just say LOL as a reply to Kamini’s comment, as it thinks that i have already LOLed on your blog and my quota is over. so, i am forced give this explanation and say

    LOL @ Kamini.

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