could-have should-have would-have

So this is the year I turn 30. It’s a little depressing when I think of all the things I could have done and should have done and would have done if not for all the excuses I made along the way. But it’s never too late. Or at least that’s what everyone else says. I’m going to try and get everything on my list done this year. Hopefully before October 16th. So far, the get in shape thing seems to be doing quite well. Read about it here on Running Ranis, a collablog I’m contributing to. And, thanks to Surnotes’ comment here, I feel like I’m going to be picking up my pen again this year. There are some stories that have been sitting in my head for the last six months but for some reason I haven’t done anything about them. Or I tried and failed.
But as Chryselle’s post says… THIS IS MY YEAR.

I hope it’s yours too!


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