pink ‘n’ blue

Come Friday and hundreds of thousands of children across the world will eagerly be ripping open carefully wrapped presents to see what Santa or Mom and Dad and Grandma have got them for Christmas. How many girls will be opening pink drenched presents centred around fairies, princesses, modelling and other ‘girlie’ things and how many boys will be getting trucks, trains and macho cars?

This stereotype of blue for boys and pink for girls is happily reinforced by retailers who helpfully divide their toy catalogues and floor layouts in to ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ sections. Last year at the Early Learning Centre when we went to buy the boot a set of building blocks, the lady at the till pointed out that we had selected the girls’ building block bag. Apparently, some of the blocks would be in pink. And did I want to exchange it for the boy’s bag which had… well, blue blocks. I politely declined.

And it’s not just shops that do this. Brands do too. Playmobil has a special pink set for girls. Even Scrabble and Monopoly have ‘feminine’ versions of the game. It makes my blood boil. It’s one thing to have a whole range of toys that are girlie like baby dolls that need to have their diaper changed and come with their own push chair and diaper bag, but to take traditionally gender neutral toys and games and make them more appealing to girls by making them more pink and fashionable is just GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

So it gives me great pleasure to offer you this link PINKSTINKS which I came across on this Motherlode post.


2 thoughts on “pink ‘n’ blue

  1. A while ago when i pointed out this stereotype of cars vs dolls, my family refused to see the point… their argument was it is somehow imbibed in them from birth…ofcourse it was for my newphew, so i let the subject drop!

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