never offer a 19 month old an orange when they are still eating a stick of cheddar. they will nod their head enthusiastically, take said orange and then spit the half chewed cheddar in to your palm, still open from offering them the orange. this all happens very quickly. whence there was orange now there is cheddar. also singing ‘tidy up time tidy up time it’s time to put our regurgitated cheese away’ does not entice them to clean the mess away. it is left to you.



2 thoughts on “so

  1. When we were growing up, these cliches existed . i even admit to craving for all this stuff that I wasn’t allowed and my classmates had.

    Now a whole industry thrives on it, so much so that young girls can’t think beyond it, they want nothing other than a pink princess bed, with princess covers etc etc.
    And that ”gender neutral” games have been girlified in order to attract girls..that’s just appalling..dunno if that’s happened yet in india.maybe going to a toy store is my next project.

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