another list

my 2010 diary arrived in the post today. after a year with moleskine’s black and beige I thought it would be nice to inject some colour in to 2010 and order Redstonepress’s Russian Diary. No. It is not in Russian. It does have some lovely, bright illustrations in it though from Russian children’s literature.

So after filling in birthday’s and anniversaries I made my annual ‘goals for the year list’. And it went something like this:

1. volunteer
2, study
3. work
4. write

in no particular order

5. get in shape

which was added as you can see as an after thought. and after eating a cookie.

this year has been mixed bag for me. i feel, now in december, that i haven’t achieved a great deal. yes, yes i know raising a child shouldn’t be dismissed as nothing. but more and more i feel as though it’s become a convenient excuse for me to not do much else. elsewhere in the blogosphere,
a mother of 2 is running in knee deep slush and a mother of four is taking photography classes, shopping thriftily and working really, i have no excuse. there’s still a good three weeks left in the year, and this time round i’m opting out of my usual ‘it’s the last three weeks of the year let’s be a sloth’ and working on my resume. Now. what’s a good way to put ‘spent the last eighteen months trying to wash snot stains out of my clothes?’

(Updated: Also on the list of things to do: get my driver’s license!)


5 thoughts on “another list

  1. Fantastic, I say! There is just the small matter of sticking to them.

    But a great start is half your job done.


    psst… links not working.

  2. I recently got married and moved to Chennai (ok not so recently), I constantly use the whole I am trying to adjust to married life and a new city excuse for not doing anything to get into shape 😦

    Getting my driver’s license is on top of my list as I hate the rickshaw drivers in Chennai.

    P.S: Unrelated to this post, I read your last post to my hubby, not that we want to encourage you in the whole dangling thing, but we loved it 🙂 had a very good laugh.

  3. I hope you wrote Sreeramajayam before you wrote anything else in the Russian diary. Russians wont mind a god oriented auspicious word as they gave up their antigod stance about 20 years ago.

  4. hey, how can you forget all the wonderful articles you wrote this year? As usual, you underplay yourself. Looking forward for 2010 with a book from you.

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