hello… is anyone out there? i think i’m here. i can’t really tell. the cold has frozen my brain and fingers. i’m typing this with my nose.

winter is here, and i’m indulging in my favourite past time of watching porn and shopping for guns online. gotcha. i would never buy a gun online. what i’m actually doing is eating my way through the cold months. i eat. and eat. and eat. and then i feel guilty. and then to assuage the guilt which is a horrible sinking feeling in my stomach (NO IT IS NOT ALL THE FOOD IM EATING) i eat some more. i think i’m the sole reason the edam cheese industry is surviving in this recession.


9 thoughts on “testing

  1. It’s a nice and balmy 4 degrees here today. Next week it gets to minus 6. It’s all downhill from there with snow & negative temperatures till we all FREEZE TO DEATH.

    Still got complaints about the weather, missy?

  2. Its called hibernating out there in those cold lands. and since you are from the tropics, you are tanking up, like the python, maybe.

    by the way, they swim gracefully, those fattened reptiles. I say plunge into the waters, let the tsunami play on someone else’s mind.

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