run run run

Today I completed an 8k run. And I actually ran. All of it. That is the distance between my parent’s place in mylapore and somewhere in thiruvanmiyur and not as i had initially and naively assumed the distance between my parent’s place and kapaleeshwarar kovil. i was never very good at all that time and distance stuff in school. so. thanks to ammani for getting me to join, and running the first half k with me before she zipped off ahead and joined the real runners! it was a pretty great day. more once my thighs stop crying.

6 thoughts on “run run run

  1. you me same boat shoefiend!! I was also tricked into doing the reading half marathon earlier this year by a friend in way better shape than me. I ran all the way.. and finished. It’s a nice feeling no? The thighs think otherwise, i’m sure.

  2. you really ran?! Ammani could never get me sign up for such things. you are a push over. 🙂

    but, honestly, wow. and 1:13 only? you must be a real runner like ammani. I can’t bring myself to like driving a car for 1hr. running? stay away from me you two.

    when are you running 10km in oct? (see ammani’s comment). I will talk to you two after that.

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