The Boot has added the word ‘cow’ to his vocabulary. Yes, an interesting choice, but not wholly unsurprising since he spent much of the August Bank Holiday staring at Devon Ruby Cows. (After looking at the cow and saying ‘cow’ he also said ‘mamm mamm’ with unmasked hunger in his eyes. Which is worrying for the vegetarian in me.) But the word ‘cow’ is now being used to communicate his various moods to us.

Happy – Cow!

Sad – Coooooow (said when crying)

Impatience – cow cow cow

Hunger – cow! mamm mamm


I am thoroughly enjoying my latest read – The Lakeland Solutions in Home Catalogue. Suddenly I WANT no… I NEED the the Push and Grip Tea Towel Holders, the Dust Genie and a Mason Cash Batter Bowl. I also want a Dancook patio Fireplace and the Gtech Cordless Rechargeable Hedge Trimmer. I know, I know we never entertain on the patio and we don’t have a hedge, but a girl can dream right? The Lakeland catalogue allows me to imagine myself as a Domestic Goddess, making black currant jam in my jam maker and then storing them in my cute retro jam cans… pots… jars. Whatever. I will then bake bread with my bread machine thingy and make wholesome jam sandwiches for the Boot, although what he really wants for lunch is a Devon Ruby Cow.

Mamm mamm.


One thought on “so

  1. I love the Lakeland catalogues too… I love finding out all the things I never knew I needed – I’d buy them all but for two factors:
    1. Not enough money
    2. Not enough kitchen space

    That said… some of the items listed there are SHEER genius! 🙂

    Roll on 19/20 Sept – cow cow cow! (said with total impatience and anticipation) 🙂

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