dear boot

How about you don’t use my nipples as a climbing hold to hoist yourself up? Breast feeding you has done enough damage to them thank you very much.

Also please stop taking the viewing card out of the set top box when Amma is watching Maury. How will I know if the tenth paternity test Shaneequa is taking will tell us who the father of Chardonnay and Hope Charity is if you keep pulling the card out and running to the toilet to throw it in the loo?

That’s all. You are now 14 months old. You can walk, can say ‘tha’ and ‘poo’ and it looks like your first words in English will be ‘You are not the father.’

10 thoughts on “dear boot

  1. muaaaaahhh to boot. i miss his greeting smiles in the morning with his sci-fi nightdress. so cute….now content ust seeing his pictures. miss you and mister too!
    and oh, thanks for pointing out this new blog..been reading yor stuff all morning. great da!

  2. dramatic first words. lots to look forward to from this child.

    and dropping set top box card in the loo? action packed life guaranteed- film him in the loo with thundering zoom ins and lightening zoom outs.

  3. cheap publicity with constant nipple reference. predicable response – chee.. you find a breast-feeding mother obscene?

  4. Better stop mentiong your nipples… and other private body parts and describing associated actions in public..

    Is it that you are yearnign for publicity like someone else here remarked.. that u crave to mention these and lose your own esteem ??

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