It’s lovely to be in Madras. In the five days I have been here I have been asked about 30 times when I am going to have another baby, told 23 times to have another baby now (‘GO ON! HAVE ONE RIGHT NOW. I’M WAITING! WHERE IS IT?’) and disapprovingly asked 12 times when I had stopped breast feeding. A Mama at the park whom I had never laid eyes on before looked at the Boot and asked me if he was Ashwin’s son. To my husband who may be reading this, I would like to confirm that no, our son is not Ashwin’s.

11 thoughts on “home

  1. Are you sure she wasn’t asking if he was “as winsome” as her own kid?
    Or hey, maybe she was wondering if the Boot was “a swine’s son”. The right answer to that one would be ‘Porky to you too’.

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