a koschun

you know how they say motherhood will make you ask yourself all these deep profound questions about life, its meaning etc. I have one.

How do you get baby snot stains out of your clothes? Making my son wear a muzzle is not an option. I wish it was.

The best answer will win a snot signed picture of my son.


5 thoughts on “a koschun

  1. We’re still at the constant ‘pee-on-the-parents’ stage despite best efforts to contain it. Baby seems to think it is a game, though. Can’t wait to have your problems 🙂

  2. Never wear black. Light colors dont show the snot signs.
    Keep as many change of clothes for yourself as you have for the baby.
    If you dont mind being uncool, put a small blankie or a towel on your shoulder and then carry the baby. My husband does it. His work shirts are too precious for him, it seems.
    Or just dont bother getting out of the house. snot wont matter then.
    Btw, how do you have time to notice snot stains in your clothes? Your son is nt keeping you busy enough, methinks! 😉

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