the tenner challenge fails before i even start!

So my plans to live on £10 this week didn’t even get to taxi down the runway… a doctor’s appointment for the Boot saw to that. The clinic was too far to walk to and taking a bus meant I would have been better off walking. So we cabbed it both ways which cost £9. And I really can’t see myself stretching £1 over the next 4 days. So, I’m going to start tomorrow… and take saturday sunday off.


3 thoughts on “the tenner challenge fails before i even start!

  1. Lol. Funnily enough I came here to say I will join your tenner a week challenge in May. Am in the process of failing the 300 pounds for Apr challenge.Shameful, but my only excuse is its not just my expenses

  2. Sorry I didn’t check earlier.

    Spending only on food can be tricky, especially for many of us ex day job women who now think a drop by at Tescos helps assuage our retail cravings and end up buying extra portion of fruit, sugar that new health cooking oil, you know?

    And baby food? What will you do about that? Baby emergencies? Or is it 10 pounds a week just on YOUR food excluding others in the family? Then that ought to be doable. .

    Besides it won’t be strictly 10 quid a week, would it? Your beverages etc will be from monthly supplies etc and you would have been sharp to keep some extra supplies beforehand the previous week to stop you visiting the the stores .

    Actually I don’t know how this works, but if you do it again tell us how you pulled it off.

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