On our very long drive back from the Lake District this Bank Holiday, in an attempt to drown out my son’s high pitched shrieks and crying (baby-ese for ‘Are we there yet?’) I began downloading free Apps on to my Iphone. Free Apps because I am cheap and refuse to pay for them. Did i want Skype, Facebook, Ninjas or Google Earth free? No. I downloaded a a free iHandy Level. That’s right. A free iPhone spirit level. I’m not even that sure what it does. Tell me if the paintings I am not allowed to hang up on the walls of my rented flat are teda or straight? Right now I just like to slant my phone about till the little bubble is in the middle. Ooh. And I also got Etch a Sketch! Remember those? My skills are still as crap as they were twenty years ago when I had a real one. Man. I’m old. And pathetic.

In other news the Lake District was gorgeous. Enough trees, swans, silly quaint signs and shrubs to make my inner tree, swan, silly quaint sign and shrub photographer sing. I leave you with some of my best…

And, the tenner challenge begins this Monday. A wise friend suggested a Monday to Friday challenge, since with the weekend coming up and the chances of being out and about, the thought of being at a coffee shop and unable to have a muffin is too much to bear.


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