The tenner challenge

Could you live for a week on £10?

In China, at least 100,000 people have accepted a challenge to live on 100 yuan (about £10 a week) as part of a scheme to persuade big spenders to embrace a simpler life. My editor wants to know if it’s possible to live as cheaply in one of the world’s most expensive cities (ie London).

The Chinese experiment, devised by 24-year-old businessman Wang Hao, does not include accommodation costs or other regular debits such as fuel bills, council tax, etc. Wang’s aim was to stop himself spending so much on transport and food. He failed his self-imposed 100 yuan challenge

Read about Stuart Jeffries’ week in The Guardian

I’m going to take the challenge up starting this tuesday. Who wants to join in?


6 thoughts on “The tenner challenge

  1. tenner a week? Hmmm I thought I will give it a go and try to manage on 300 for the month of April, looks like I am about to fail on it. But try I shall.

  2. Some years ago I tried some abstinence programme for a few days and just about managed.

    But Rs 800 a week? Nada! I shall fail between my milk, fuel ( Rs 1000 mine alone) and not to mention veggies ( 500 a week-don’t ask what I cook!).

    Good luck on your challenge. Keep us posted.

    1. Now that is hard… I don’t know if I’llbe successful with this either, but thought it would be interesting to try. so, what do you think is the magic number to get by for a week with just the essentials? and could you stick to that?

    1. Hey Feanor, I’m starting the challenge this Monday. Will keep you posted on the blog. And thanks for the link!

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