There is nothing worse than having (what you think is) a great idea for a story, writing at a 100 wpm and then getting stuck three quarters of the way in. And staying stuck for a week.

How many of you start writing only after you know how everything is going to play out?

(I am thinking of buying a ‘How to write’ book. Amazon seems to have just as many titled ‘How not to write.’ I think I already know that)


7 thoughts on “isstook

  1. “Never start”, they say, ” a fight which you cannot finish” You have now realized that that goes for stories as well.

    One solution would be to put it out on the blog and ask for finishing suggestions from your readers.

    I would only be too willing to chip in

  2. I don’t start a story knowing the ending. Knowing the beginning is good enough. And based on the flow and the mood while writing the ending, the ending turns out by itself.

    The best part is – sometimes you yourself won’t know the ending till you come to that part of the story.

  3. I usually know either the start or the end of my stories, never both. Of course, as a result I have a whole bunch of unfinished bits on my laptop and no published stuff 😦

  4. I can’t write unless I know the end. I hate getting stuck. But then, while writing, the end often changes 🙂

    Hey, you write WELL. You don’t need a book to tell you how.

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