It lies there on the dirt path, pure and pristine. Now that she has seen it she wishes she hadn’t. It makes her uncomfortable, scared, worried and nauseous. She looks around. She is alone. What should I do? Take them to the Police? And say what? I found this on the dirt path next to the riding school. Have you had any one come in and say their child lost a pair of white underpants? How did this get here? She cannot remember hearing or reading about any missing children in the last few weeks. She realises she is sweating. What if someone finds her standing on this deserted foot path staring at a pair of girls’ underpants. They are new. She vomits a little in her own mouth. Should she throw it away? Bury it? Take it home and burn it? She is shaking now, thinking of a little girl alone, frightened, hurt… dead. She takes a few steps back and then turns around and runs. She does not stop until she reaches the main road. She stands and watches the cars go by, comforted by the sounds that she otherwise hates. She starts walking home, repeating to herself ‘There’s nothing you can do’.

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