A young couple are sitting outside a doctor’s office. The woman has a scarf wrapped around her head and is reading an old copy of Cosmo. The man unsure of what to do with his hands takes out his Blackberry.

Woman (showing him something in the magazine) After I’m gone, you should go for someone like her.

Man (exasperated) Look –

Woman She’s petite, has white teeth and hair – the exact opposite of me. I mean if you married someone who looked like me that would be creepy, no?

Man I am not getting married again

Woman So you’re just going to be one of those sad widowers who stay in on weekends and talk to their goldfish?

Man No, I’ll be talking to you.

Woman You know I really don’t think you should have me embalmed and propped up in the bedroom. As flattered as I am, it might creep a few girls out.

Man You are not dying

Woman I wish you would just wake up to the fact that I am dying. In fact I’m literally dead already.

Man That’s an incorrect usage of the word ‘literally’.

Woman Up yours.

They sit in silence. Woman reading the magazine pointedly, man now staring at his feet.

Woman You know, why wait till I’m dead? I think you should leave me now. I know, people will think you’re an asshole, but inside I’m sure they’ll all sympathise with you. You’re probably just staying with me so that after I’m gone you can tell some dumb, thin blonde girl how you stayed with your cancer ridden wife till she died. Bravo. Why, I think Tom Hanks could play you in the movie.

Man sighs.

Woman Don’t sigh. Like you’re tired of my cancer. I am the one who is tired. I am the –

Door opens and a nurse comes in.

Nurse The Doctor will see you now.

The man and woman sit quietly for a moment. They look in to the distance and then at each other. The man takes the woman’s hand and they get up.


My entry for the Kala Ghoda Flash Drama Contest. Send your entry here.)


6 thoughts on “Truce

  1. Hi Maneka,

    Let me be the first to congratulate you on winning the Kala Ghoda competition!! Well done!!

    Am trying to see who all the finalists are , but somehow the link is asking for my password, dont know how to proceed.

    Congratulations again,

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