Morph and Take Hart

It was detected at a very early age that I could not draw. I was hopeless. Proportions were wrong, eyes were wonky and squint, animals often looked like they had just seen a taxidermist. My sister on the other hand, was, and still is a very talented artist. She would often give me some paper and share her Caran d’Ache with me and we would draw together. While she progressed to watercolours, oils and Tanjore painting I never really progressed beyong stick figures. I didn’t resent it either, after all, she was the one who drew most of the diagrams in my tenth standard biology record.

There was one show that we both loved to watch. Tony Hart’s Take Hart. My sister watched it for the art projects and lessons and I watched it for Morph. Remember this m?

Tony Hart died yesterday at the age of 83.


3 thoughts on “Morph and Take Hart

  1. That brought back a lot of memories. Take Hart with Tony Hart was one of my favorite shows as a kid. We even recorded his shows on tape that is probably mold-ridden now.

    RIP Tony – you made every weekend such a joy for me as a kid.

  2. Oh no! Thats so sad. That video reminded me of all those afternoons in London when we watched Morph together.
    I had forgotten all about him till this post. Now Im depressed. What a loss.

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