the problem with being good is

that you can buy all the low fat yoghurt, carrot sticks, hummous and green tea you want but that will not stop your husband from coming home with rasamalai, gulab jamun, ice cream and assorted indian sweets and saying ‘look what i got’ to which you will say ‘throw that out’ to which he will say ‘what! throw away perfectly good food? don’t worry I won’t let you eat any’ and then he goes to office and you’re sitting here and typing this and thinking ‘the sooner i eat them the sooner they disappear and then they won’t be sitting on the kitchen counter top calling to me with their sugary, syrupy siren song’ or you’re thinking ‘how could one hurt?’ and five minutes later you’re thinking ‘how could one more hurt?’ and before you know it it’s not even noon and you’ve eaten three pieces of halwa, two of which you didn’t even like but ate anyway because you said to yourself ‘what! throw away perfectly good food?’

that’s the problem with being good.


2 thoughts on “the problem with being good is

  1. the reality is all (or most ) of us are the same. F*&% that fantasy of getting back to a size 10 hour glass…the hardest task is controlling that 3″ tongue….blame it on the hormones i say. and you are not alone.

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