Housewife Finds Time to Write Short Stories and “You might die while writing a five-hundred-page novel.”

Alice Munro is another one of my favourite writers. I was looking for a pdf of her Paris Review interview to send to a friend, when I came across this piece in The New Yorker.

Here’s a little bit from The Paris Review Interview that I could relate to. Before The Boot was born, my big plan was to have the first draft of my manuscript ready. Of course no such thing happened.

I was writing desperately all the time I was pregnant because I thought I would never be able to write afterward. Each pregnancy spurred me to get something big done before the baby was born. Actually I didn’t get anything big done.

And about writing when her children took naps…

Yes, from one to three in the afternoon. I wrote a lot of stuff that wasn’t any good, but I was fairly productive. The year I wrote my second book, Lives of Girls and Women, I was enormously productive. I had four kids because one of the girls’ friends was living with us, and I worked in the store two days a week. I used to work until maybe one in the morning and then get up at six. And I remember thinking, You know, maybe I’ll die, this is terrible, I’ll have a heart attack…

So that’s the plan. To be productive. And hopefully a little good.

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